wii hope for keeping our kids entertained?

What's the opposite of mindful? Well, mind numbing video games and the new generation of video gaming machines... If I have to hear about another 6 year old that got a wii for Christmas, I'm going to move to Europe and go on bike rides and drink wine all day... oh, and get back into my love for oil paints.

walking and breathing in goodness

More people need to realize how fulfilling it feels to walk... it's such a great way to exercise your body & mind simultaneously. Feel your tension melt away, stop making a to-do list, listen to the birds... IN OTHER WORDS, be mindful.

I prefer to walk outside with the temperature right around 70 degrees. [this dream is hardly ever the case]

On occasion, I take my ipod with me on these walks, but really, I like to just take in the fresh air and breath deep.