Project Girl seeks change

did you ever open a magazine like Shape, In-Style, Teen or Seventeen and really look at the advertisements? i mean, really look.

now put yourself in the shoes of a 9 or 10 year old adolescent girl. how is she to process some of the images she sees? heavy on sex, body image, drinking, drugs, violence... the media targets the young so they can sell their products.

girls are influenced by these messages and they begin to be the ads. the media is changing our culture, there is no denying it.

there's an activist group based out of Madison, Wisconsin called Project Girl that leads workshops that teach adolescent (middle school age) girls to process these media messages so they begin to look differently at media and ask questions. they talk about the truth and discuss what real girl power means.

Project Girl vernacular...
un-mediafy your life
be suspicious
does buying things really make you happy?
the power of art to change the world.


thank you Project Girl for looking out for girls!

girls learn to process these media print advertisements with the help of Project Girl's curriculum.

life is beautiful, chose it

i know politics are the only thing people hear about these days and there's really only one thing i really care about--- i am PRO-LIFE. i was online and came across this website www.abortionno.com. they show a graphic video that truly made my heart sink. 

some of the statistics on the site were mind-numbing... 

Why women have abortions:
"1% of all abortions occur because of rape or incest; 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient)."

at the end of the day, isn't life the most important thing? 

photo:  1 day old healthy infant girl